Itecon Wellness and Spa Design, belongs to Itecon Group, as the first company dedicated to the wellness industry, Wellness and Spa.

Previous study

After a first contact and leaving for a unique and exclusive development, we conduct a baseline study to adjust project strategies, choosing the most effective source of renewable energy, zoning areas, integration into the environment, economic and feasibility study, etc .. . in order to advise clients about the concept of Spa more appropriate in your case.

We conducted a study.

We chose most effective source of renewable energy.

We guide the customer in designing the Spa.


Before proposing solutions, we conducted a comprehensive market study to understand exactamiente Spa our future needs and to have the highest possible return.

Foster a culture of innovation and have technical expertise and unrivaled skills thanks to work we have done over the last 15 years, covering a wide range within the world market Wellness & Spa.
Our experience ensures the best support.


In order to successfully carry all our work, we offer our customers the type of project turnkey. From the initial conception of the idea, with the most rigorous and comprehensive study, to final delivery of the Wellness center in operation as it was conceived, we are always close to our customers, in order to share the success.

Thus, the execution times are shortened considerably, not depending on others, usually interfere in the work that so tight and tidy should be carried out.

Likewise got give customers a single point of contact while ensuring the quality of the finished product and time-bound.


Ours customers


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