DCL system

The new technology of geothermal probe DCL, combines the benefits of both types of geothermal systems, on the one hand it is a closed loop system, and the other does not require removal of any landfill or groundwater ..

Sistema DCL

The DCL system consists of a geothermal probe that extracts energy from inside the drill through a system capable of energy exchange with up to 10 times more efficient than the traditional system, an initial investment up to 70% less.

The DCL system is fully respectful of the environment by:

1. No groundwater is extracted.
2. It does not increase the temperature of groundwater in more than 5 ° C.
3. No discharge is performed.
4. Different aquifers can not communicate, avoiding contamination of one another.
5. Small footprint (a hole for each 30 kW).
6. Installation possible even in basements of buildings.
7. Very low investment.
8. 70% reduction in the cost of installation.

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Triptych DCL

New Geothermal DCL


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